Thursday 17 April 2014

 Cullman Area News: N2College Free Informational Meeting

April 17

n2College FREE Informational Meeting open to all homeschoolers

Everest Academy:
April 17, Hanceville: FREE n2College Informational Meeting (Pre-k through 12)
The Alabama Homeschooling website was created to keep Alabama homeschoolers "in the know". There is so much homeschooling information...

For more details and please RSVP to Kim Maddox at 256-352-9623 or 256-338-4247
AAdmin-StuartonThursday 17 April 2014 - 02:39:07
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Wednesday 05 February 2014

 The Unbelievable State of Parental Rights in America

Please go to the following link to better understand first hand the abuse of authority in our country. The abuse of power and the willingness of both citizens and authority to support such actions is beyond comprehension. Please support the actions of

State of Parental Rights in America

AAdmin-StuartonWednesday 05 February 2014 - 08:10:00
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Tuesday 04 February 2014

 Way Home Policy for Standardized Testing

I had the following question posed to me from one of our member families and thought I would post an answer to everyone just because it is a good question and I'm sure others may be thinking the same thing.

"I was thinking about standardize testing this summer as is recommended every three years. I would like for you to let me know what your opinion is after reading the attached article. I am not concerned with her progress because she is a very bright child. I am concerned with pending legislation that will smash our rights as a home school family. I guess my true question is...After reading the article, as our superintendent, do you still recommend we standardize test? Thank you."

Boycotting Tests Is Helping Stop the Common Core

The standardized testing referred to in the article has to do with tailored “assessments” for the public schools, specifically "Common Core-aligned assessments." These assessments are designed to promote conformance with Common Core "standards." At this time, the testing we have access to are not common core-aligned.

To boycott Stanford, IOWA Basic Skills or CAT5 testing would have zero effect in Common Core's advancement. Actually, an increased volume of test taking with these tests might encourage the companies involved to follow the money away from common core. However, I don’t think the home school test market is big enough to have that much sway. I'm sure these testing companies, are planning their futures and how to address this issue. The CAT5 test we promote is an older version that doesn’t seek conformance with public policy.

At the core of this question is a fundamental principle, which I value greatly and to which Way Home is committed. The key thing to focus on in the question above is the parent's observation: "I am not concerned with her progress because she is a very bright child."

In the home school situation, the parent is the responsible party for making these decisions, not Way Home policy recommendations. There are situations in which our recommendation would prove helpful. However, our policy is to recognize the parental authority and responsibility to take appropriate action for their child.

Testing is like a meter; you use it to take a measurement. The measurement provides a point of reference from which you gain insight. For most it provides confirmation and for some, additional opportunity.

With Common Core “assessments”, testing, as we know it, may be radically different. I don’t have an answer for that at the moment. However, I do have faith that “all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

Please feel free to contact me with your own insights and observations on this issue as it continues to develop.

Yours for the way home,
AAdmin-StuartonTuesday 04 February 2014 - 08:12:47
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